Shaved Ice

At Sweet Milo, our shaved ice is fluffy and snow-like.  We offer a large selection of syrups and toppings, such as mochi, jelly, and condensed milk.  Each shaved ice is made to order and complete with a variety of tasty toppings.

Cotton Candy

Have us come to your event to spin fresh cotton candy for you and your guests.  We offer a variety of cotton candy flavors.  What a sweet treat to give to your guests!

Bubble Drinks

Iced tea and smoothies are so much more fun to drink when they're served with bubbles!  Bubbles, also known as boba, are made with tapioca.  They have a gummy texture and a hint of sweetness.  At Sweet Milo, we also offer popping pearls in our iced teas and smoothies.

About Us

Hi, I'm Milo.  Yes, the company is named after me!  I was born in Lexington, Kentucky.  My sister, Cocoa, and I were adopted by our current family when we were 4 months old.  Over the years, our "mom", Helina, has enjoyed planning and organizing parties and special events to channel her creative energy.  Well, she's not getting any younger.  She realized that if she wants to start her own business providing concessions and catering services, it's now or never!  After considering various options, she came up with 3 fun and tasty treats that she enjoys - shaved ice, cotton candy, and bubble drinks!  My favorite is the cotton candy!  Yeah, I know it's "shave ice" and not "shaved ice", but try telling that to my dad.

We hope our treats will bring a smile to your face and make your event super special.  Contact us for your next event!

Sweet Milo provides concession and on-site catering services in the D.C. area.  We specialize in serving shaved ice, cotton candy, and bubble drinks.  Our staff makes fresh shaved ice and bubble drinks, and spins cotton candy on-site for you and your guests.  These treats are great for family gatherings, birthday and engagement parties, school and sporting events, corporate and promotional events, and other celebrations.

For private events, we offer all-inclusive shaved ice, cotton candy, and bubble drink packages.  We will tailor your order to best complement your event.  At Sweet Milo, we also offer custom event and party favors. For fundraisers, we will come to your event, fully coordinate the concessions, and donate a portion of the proceeds to your organization.

Thank you for considering us for your event!

As we continue to build our website, please come back soon and see what new things we have added!

Contact Us

We would love to be part of your next event.  To book an event or to get additional information, please visit our Contact Us page.  Once we receive your request, we will reach out to you, discuss your event in more detail, and answer any questions that you may have.

                                                We look forward to hearing from you!

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